Integrity and pragmatic business philosophy, adherence to specifications, customer-oriented quality policy
About Us Company ProfileWinday ElectronicIntegrity and pragmatic business philosophy...

Winday’s spirit : Honest. Dependable. Stable.

Te combination of both strength and enhance the marketing staff to face the market sales of an attempt to the sense of mission. The strict requirements for competition in the market to do peer attacks, but with our brand knockoffs offer end,and really strong to take legal means to effectively establish Winday brands legitimacy.

Optimizing the overall efficiency:

We follow our Double-three policy=> No repeatedly. No rework. No redundant. & Reaction. Communicate. Research.

Strict requirements on the workshop related departments to achieve the commitment to all customers and their orders. To get customer trust, the market acceptance of the growing, the industry's high degree of stability, Winday is developing with the times.

Caring colleagues mind:

We focus on ethics and sincere exchanges. Since the general manager at the core of cadres are always falling, Attention to the life of all my colleagues, education and human interaction, so that colleagues not only work on the protection of, At the same time, it is also able to grow with each other in the daily details, and then to gather the radial force.