Integrity and pragmatic business philosophy, adherence to specifications, customer-oriented quality policy
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Winday in the early years of professional OEM started, main service department of Taiwan brand, so in product quality and the production techniques such as deep peer trust. Since the beginning of 2005, Winday thick plot 20 years rich experience and excellent management, beginning with the programming and implementation of its own brand of film capacitors and capacitance, since then gradually the proportion of overall strength gradually to cultivate our own brand.

Since 2012, on market situation changes and demand, hence to factory automation production equipment update and process sophistication and products promotion strategy to promote hand. After a year of adjustment, has completed a comprehensive upgrading of enterprises.

By enterprise upgrading, Winday also follow the needs of intelligent automotive electronics gain, car electronics giant one by one in contact with my factory. Therefore, we have made ISO-TS16949 certification, the certification process Winday in the industry attention and technical strength to show. So, We whether in technology research and development, product quality, production process, shipping and delivery has been in line with international standards, the overall strength can comparable with the first-line brand, but in the specifications of the offer and dedicated service,set and for international brands.