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  In the safety regulations X2 capacitor has been upgraded to the highest level of product certification:

  40/110/56-B, 310VAC

  For CBB61 starting capacitor:

  CQC certification, its fire rating upgrade to P2 level

  In the metallized film capacitor:

  If the special requirements of customers, products can be made by sophisticated Winday output,

  by double-85 salt spray test.

  For car factory special capacity aspect

  With the filter capacitor for after processing will make the letter because of

  the high temperature and high pressure causes the electric vehicle (IR) to

  overcome the deviation

  Large power supply specific capacitance

  Effectively solve the problem caused by the high power current shock and the

  abnormal sound

  Winday plant for more than a strong R & D team and technology innovation

  ability, effectively solve the problem of customer use, evolutionary advantage.