Integrity and pragmatic business philosophy, adherence to specifications, customer-oriented quality policy
About Us Company ProfileWinday ElectronicIntegrity and pragmatic business philosophy...

  Fully take care of the colleagues in the work and life of stability: Windy legislation has and always regard employee as the most important asset, its importance is much higher for customer orders. Always pay off on time, seasonal change meals and dim sum, regular staff travel and spiritual exchange, the trimming of the dormitory and workroom environment flash, is bound to protect staff do a good job in every detail perfect.

  Maintain and material suppliers closely allied to excellent strategy: upper supply chain is the strong backing to Winday, our factory since the establishment of, have to pay on time as the supreme principle, so the supplier is the highly positive with. This will endure forever.

  We believes that there are two of the intentions in place, dare to talk about the follow-up marketing strategy:

  Domestic sales team: two marketing unit ( Dongguan and Kunshan), expanding force, besides enhancing personnel quality promotion and professional quality cultivation outside, will also be combined with the to the network marketing mode as the main brand image packaging and Winday culture promotion mode, reach more attack and expand the market share on Winday brand.

  Foreign trade team: the original foreign agents mechanism expanded, strengthen guidance, and hold regular overseas agents of the general assembly, the more confidence to Winday recent changes (automation process). Then, will actively participate in important exhibitions all over the world, increase the international visibility, thereby to seek more effective business partners and customers.